Minimal | Notes

A meditation-inspired notes app. Featuring the Note Lifetime, Markdown-style formatting, and todos.

Note Lifetime

By letting notes die, your notebook becomes spacious, uncluttered, and reflective of the present moment. You're also more likely to act on the things that matter to you.

When a note goes unedited for a duration you choose, it automatically moves to the trash. To keep a note alive, pin the note or make an edit.

You’ll receive a notification when a note approaches the end of its lifetime. This is an opportunity to review the note, act on it, or let it go.

Beautiful Formatting

Minimal provides intuitive, Markdown-style formatting that subtly brings your notes and prose to life.

Headers deliver spacial, almost-hierarchical organization to a note. Lists make key information readily available. Pull quotes and block quotes separate and highlight prose. Links are automatically tappable.

Minimal includes serif and sans serif typefaces, beautiful yet gentle colors, and typographical rules for an optimal reading + writing experience.

Todo Lists

Our projects live within Minimal. From personal goals including cultivating a strong yoga practice, to professional tasks like building the Sencha and Matcha tea apps, every step of the way is elegantly managed with Minimal's todo lists.

Minimal is designed to honor everything that we invest in our goals: the initial intention, the action process, and the moment of self-reflection at the end when we cross things off our list. Each part of the process matters.

Add Todos to Calendar

Sync todos to the Calendar app by highlighting the todos and tapping "Add to Calendar."

Alternatively, for notes with eight or fewer todos, tap the action button in the top right corner, then "Add Todos to Calendar."

Share in Messages

Easily share notes through Minimal's iMessage app. The recipient can view the note, import it, and edit it.

(Fully collaborative notes are on our roadmap.)

Cloud Sync

Minimal is beautifully designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. Notes automatically sync across all connected devices.

With features like Cloud Sync, Search, Handoff, and Siri, notes are easily accessible the moment you want them.

Import Notes

Easily import notes, text, and URLs from any app that supports sharing.

To add Minimal's share extension, open the share menu in any app that provides the system share function. In the row of apps, scroll to the end and tap 'More.' Find Minimal, turn it on, and use the handle on the right side to drag Minimal's share tool to the top. Voila – you're ready to start importing.

Export Notes

Export notes as HTML, PDF, TXT, Markdown, and more.

You might craft your notes within Minimal, but they can take on a life beyond the app. This means rich exports and easy sharing.

Beautiful Themes

We love light and dark backgrounds, vivid and subdued colors, and serif and sans serif fonts. We like it when our notes app feels personal, just like our favorite notebook.

Most of all, we appreciate when style serves both pragmatic functions and the need for beauty.

Pricing + Membership

Enjoy Minimal free for 1 month.

After the 1-month free trial, Minimal costs $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year. That's about one-third of what we expect to pay for high-quality stationary each year.

We make it very easy to cancel with a big button in settings.

(Pricing is for US customers and may vary by region.)


To join the beta program for free, download Minimal in Apple's TestFlight.

Minimal is inspired by meditation, architecture, and nature. Our goal is to help writers and doers fall in love with their notes app while actualizing their highest aspirations.

Join the beta through Apple's TestFlight.

Designed for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

Minimal is made with love by Arthur Van Siclen in the Teton Valley, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado.

Contact us for help with Minimal | Notes.

Minimal is made with love by Arthur Van Siclen in the Teton Valley, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado.


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Minimal is made with love by Arthur Van Siclen in the Teton Valley, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado.

Privacy + Terms

Your notes are yours, and only yours.

Your notes are only accessible to you through the Minimal app and iCloud. We never read, share, or collect the contents of your notes. Only you and those you share notes with have access to your notes.

Privacy is a right, and Minimal honors that right.

Minimal does not include any 3rd party code – not Google, not Facebook. Only core Apple frameworks and in-house software make it into the Minimal app.

Minimal does not track user behavior beyond what is automatically included when an app is distributed through the App Store or TestFlight apps. We don't even do anonymized usage analytics.

One reason we chose to use iCloud for syncing is that it inherently honors privacy, and as Apple makes privacy improvements, Minimal automatically receives those improvements.

The Minimal website is built with and any usage is subject to their privacy and terms. We neither added nor modified any privacy-related infrastructure to the Minimal website.

Email correspondence is retained to ensure quality and enable follow-up communications.

Minimal costs money.

We believe charging the customer directly is the most honest business for us. We don't sell your data. Instead, we charge a recurring fee for access to our apps.

Minimal's premium features are members-only, costing $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year with an optional free trial. Subscriptions automatically renew, and your iTunes account is charged upon purchase. Cancel in iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before renewal. Free trials may be voided in event of purchase.

We do make it extremely easy to cancel free trials and paid subscriptions with a big button in the settings menu.

Beta Testing

For beta testers, please be aware that we may make a change that permanently causes the loss of notes. For critically important notes, please have a backup stored elsewhere.


Last updated September 4, 2019
Tetonia, Idaho

Minimal is made with love by Arthur Van Siclen in the Teton Valley, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado.

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Minimal is made with love by Arthur Van Siclen in the Teton Valley, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado.